New York State: a perimeter road trip

One week of vacation and a passing thought to drive the entire perimeter of New York in winter, led to a frigid seven days and an almost 1700 miles. At its lowest, we (my partner, my dog, and myself) experienced -14 ºF and the warmest temp rose to just below freezing. The first three days were desolate — along the Delaware river and New York slash Pennsylvania border we saw almost no human people. It wasn’t until Chautauqua that we found someone engaging in outdoor activities: A friendly pair of recreational ice-fishermen. We tried to stay as close to the NY perimeter as possible, sometimes …

Short documentary: The Boxer

My first solo (more or less) project, which took me from Long Island, to Vegas, to Macau (a small Vegas-like city in southern China). This is the story of a boxer’s meteoric rise from local unknown to international celebrity — Chris Algieri’s journey to fight one of the greatest boxers of all time: Manny Pacquiao. Click the image to watch the 15 min. documentary:

Ferguson inspires NYC protests

“Hands up, don’t shop!” A Ferguson inspired protest organized by The Rockaway Youth Task Force and Million Hoodies Movement for Justice marched against Black Friday in NYC on Nov. 28, 2014. A few arrests were made, but I didn’t see them, nor do they really have to do with the story, as the vast majority of these protestors were peaceful and responsible (despite walking through traffic occasionally). The group of around 1,000 walked through Times Square and around the Macy’s department store area on 34th st.

EAW and beyond

Inspired by my fellow Eddie Adams Workshop student and all-around wonderful human, Demetrius Freeman, I’m beginning a photo blog today. Here I’ll be kicking it off with my assignment from EAW XXVII. James Nachtwey, Adrees Latif, Carlo Allegri, and Molly Riley led our indisputably talented Team Green. My assignment: document a local mountain bicyclist named Cime Bue — a Renaissance man of sorts — who when not carving wooden sculptures, carves wooded trails on which him and his friends ride. — Jeffrey Basinger