Highlights Reel

"Testing the Divide"

Peabody award-winning investigation on fair housing violations by Long Island real estate agents.

Brass Intervention

Hours of video footage obtained by THE CITY show an ex-cop arrested for a gun charge spent a mere 38 minutes in jail before two NYPD chiefs intervened and he was set free.

Life on the Bays

Insights into the lives of baymen who work in the troubled waters of a dying industry.

"The Cut"

A deep dive into weight-cutting in boxing, MMA, wrestling, and horse riding.

FeedMeTV series

From Lydia Bastianich, to Jim Breuer, to Ashanti, Newsday explored Long Island's culinary scenes with celebrities and business owners alike.

"Street Racer"

After four teens perished in a street-racing incident, we set out to understand the culture of speed on Long Island -- from illegal road racing to professional drivers -- and some say a local track would save lives.

"We Are Brentwood"

Drugs and gang violence... Brentwood has a bad rap. And this High School soccer team wants to change that image.

"Under the Helmet"

Our investigation found High Schools using sub-par helmets. But are helmets in football safe at all?